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This used to be the announce page for new articles. Since I now have a blog most announcements will go there now. That said, I may put a few major announcements here from time to time.

December 2010

Comments are now supported in articles! I am using Disqus to allow commenting in the articles. (On the blog I use Wordpress' comments feature.)

August 2010

Another Objectivism essay. This time I criticize Objectivist ethics. Ayn Rand's derivation is wrong on several counts. So, is Objectivism a philosophy or a religion. If the former, the correction should be welcome and inspire new thinking on these matters. If the latter, proceed with your excommunication.

But there is bigger news: I have a blog! You can now comment back publicly. And maybe I'll provide some time sensitive commentary to go with the articles.

May 2010

Began an upgrade of the "Greed vs. Freedom" series, starting with a new essay Objectivism vs. Liberty. Surprisingly, Ayn Rand's moral philosophy is incompatible with a free society.

March 2010

Been updating my series on How to Stop Global Warming. Have added a list of 82 Ways to Fight Global Warming, including some global warming solutions you have probably never considered. Aluminum foil in the summer, anyone? I've also beefed up my carbon tax series introduction.

February 28, 2010

Finally uploaded the ultra-controversial chapter on Evolution in in the Bible. See me do a rare Anne Coulter imitation! See me destroy my future political career. If I don't get links or something else positive from it, I may pull it. Ya'll let me know if you like it...or not.

Also, I added an "Add This" widget to the bottom of pages for your [actually my] bookmarking pleasure. Please use!

February 7, 2010

Just uploaded a new chapter on population control in the Old Testament. Environmentalists take note!

January 2010

Been upgrading God's Welfare System. Rewrote the intro and added a new chapter on inheritance law. Refer to it whenever the issue of death taxs on the rich comes up.

Speaking of the rich, I am up to part 3 of my series on the secret of the super rich. Bell curves arise from random variables multiplied together. As I show in Part 3, the factors that lead to great riches often multiply.

Whats New 2009

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