Synergy: Putting it all Together

Some subjects cannot be fit neatly under the categories Equality, Liberty, Nature, or Morality. They impact more than one or two of these values. So I place them here, under Synergy.

Tax Reform. To have more equality, the tax system needs to be progressive, and we need to collect enough so that we start paying down the debt. (And we need a budget surplus if we want to go back to a gold standard as well!) On the other hand, to have liberty we need a tax system that doesn’t tell you how to spend what you keep, and it would be nice if the government didn’t need to know your personal affairs in order to fund itself. Taxes impact whether we have a sustainable economy as well. And there is a moral component: when is taxation theft?

New Political Party Manual. Neither the major nor the second tier political parties are geared to embrace or further the ideas on this site. Either much persuasion must be done, or we need a new political party. This series of articles provides many insights and lessons for the latter option.

Getting There contains a survey of possible strategies for promoting and enacting the ideas on this site, especially those that do not require launching a new political party.

Read the Book

Do you want to start a new political party? Or are you simply interested in what that would entail? Check out my new book: Business Plan for a New Political Party.

There is far more in the book than what is here on this site. Read to rule!