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Throughout this site you will find links for further reading for the particular article. On this page there are links of general interest to those who find this site interesting. I will also place some "thank you links" for those sites that help promote this one. Inclusion of a link here does not mean I agree with all the ideas on a referred to site.

Freedom and Equality

The Free Liberal
A magazine and web site produced by the Center for Liberty and Community. Current events are covered from a mix of liberal and libertarian viewpoints. I am a senior editor and write for them frequently. My latest thoughts can be found on the blog.

The Progress Report The Progress Report

A Geolibertarian (Georgist/libertarian) web site featuring current articles and links to other Georgist organizations.

Science fiction writer David Brin writes extensively on politics, science and society as well. He has written several times in Libertarian publications on the need to be aware that aristocracy is just as dangerous an enemy of liberty as socialism. One of these essays was a major trigger in my creating this web site. Also, he is the creator of a political map similar to the one on the home page -- with left/right being attitude to private property instead of equality. His map predates mine by quite a few years; however, I was made aware of it after I made mine.

Tax Help USA. A site devoted to progressive tax reform which doesn't strangle the economy.

Environmental Links

Whole Foods Market Actually, this is John Mackey's blog. Mackey is a libertarian as well as being the founder of the largest organic grocery chain in the U.S. Capitalism and environmentalism can mix!

Green Scissors. This site shows many ways by which the government currently subsidizes pollution. They show many ways to green up while saving the government money.

The Southern Energy and Environment Expo An annual event held south of Asheville. I have run a Libertarian Party booths there over the years, promoting many of the ideas on this site. A truly neat show.

A Better Earth .org, the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University site on free market based environmental solutions.

Climate Ark, Climate Change and Global Warming Portal.

Religion Links

Ron Dart is by far the most interesting preacher I have come across. Many of his radio sermons are available here along with other interesting materials. I don't always agree with his (somewhat right-leaning) politics, but I find nearly all of this sermons to be worth listening to. (And yes, like many of you, I find sermons to be boring in general; this man is a rarity.) Spend some time at this site and the odds are very high that you'll learn something you didn't know about the Bible.

Thank You Links

I wish to thank the following sites for linking here. Such links are not necessarily endorsements of the contents therein (nor are their links to here endorsements of everything here!), but there is likely some overlap in ideas else they wouldn't be linking here.

The Christian Libertarian Party
The Christian Libertarian Party Blog
Musings from the Christian Left
The Christian Left Blog
Iowa Center for Fiscal Equity
The Iowa Center for Fiscal Equity Blog
Jock's Place...ramblings of a Geo-Mutualist Liberal Democrat (British meaning of "Liberal Democrat")
Associates Online: Progressive Education for the World
The Economic Libertarian
Independent Country
Area 417
Freedom in 2008?
Libertarian Party of Buncombe County

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