A Patriotic View of the Second Amendment

Many of my libertarian friends like to cite Thomas Jefferson’s intemperate remarks on gun ownership, suggesting that the original intent was to preserve the right of violent revolution.

May I suggest a more patriotic view: the Second Amendment was written to prevent ever having a need for violent revolution in the first place. The Second Amendment was written to eliminate the need for such abominations as the USA PATRIOT Act. With civilian gun ownership and training the norm, there are no soft targets for terrorists to attack.

See my latest addition to my series on Winning the War on Terror: The Original Anti Terrorism Act.

Making the NSA Behave

Finally, after 13 years of increased Post 9/11 surveillance, The People are starting to push back. Better yet, the big corporations like Google and Facebook are pushing back, and that makes Congress listen. The government can grope, but it’s not allowed to peek — at least not quite so much.

But how long will the trend reversal last? Answer: until the next significant terrorist attack.

It we want to roll back the U.S. police state, we need to roll back the terrorists. This is the subject of my first new series in quite some time: Winning the War on Terror. It’s just an intro page so far, but there is enough information that some of you will see where I am going.

On Travel and Terrorism

For those of you travelling this holiday season and suffering the delays and indignities of the TSA, keep this in mind: at least all that groping and x-raying doesn’t work. So says this most excellent article on Cracked.com.

That’s right Cracked, the old second rate kid’s humor magazine has morphed into one of the best sources of history and analysis online. Meanwhile, the once venerable Time has degenerated into becoming Fareed Zakaria’s blog. Go figure.

Maybe Mad magazine will replace Psychology Today next…

Anyway, a series on winning the War on Terror without become the next evil empire is on my agenda for 2014. Stay tuned.