Welcome to the Holistic Politics Blog

I have finally done it. After 7 years I have given in to modernity and set up a blog on this site. That said, do keep an eye on the main site. I am still updating the static articles, and that is the true home of the more timeless content.

I have started this blog to:

  • Post drafts of future articles and updates of older articles.
  • Provide a place for readers’ comment on the static articles (TBR).
  • Comment on timely matters, sites I have found interesting, etc.
  • Provide an RSS of updates to the main site

Who knows? Maybe after using WordPress enough, I’ll give in and use a CMS for the rest of the site. My current system of editing in Microsoft Word, extracting with a ruby script, tidying up with tidy, and ftp’ing to the server is a bit old fashioned…