I still have a lot of material to post on preserving nature. Finally starting to get some of it out:

Stop Global Warming. Global warming may or may not be a big problem soon, but if ever it does become a problem it becomes a big problem! Reversing the problem is possible but hugely expensive. Better to start early. But even early action can be very expensive, so conservative doubters have a point when they ask for more studies. Instead of blasting environmentalists for “destroying our way of live” or conservatives for being “shills for Big Oil,” let us instead explore those options that are reasonable to do today even if global warming turns out to be a false alarm. It turns out there is a lot we should be doing now that reduces carbon dioxide emissions even if global warming is really a problem for the 22nd century.

Alternative Energy for Fun and Profit. A break from pure politics. What markets are most open today for renewable energy? This series is primarily aimed at mad scientists, investors, and early adopters.

Save the Critters. Today, environmentalists seem to freak out more over global warming than anything else. But the sad reality is that we are still losing species at an alarming rate. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reversible. Species loss is not.

Restore the Cities. Suburban sprawl uses up habit and wastes vast amounts of gasoline. Authoritarian environmentalists want to force people to live closer together. I prefer simply making cities more pleasant to live in.

Affordable Organic Food. Completely organic food is not affordable. We need something in between. (I may rename this series.)

Sustainable Economics — a Conservative Approach. Much of our problems with overconsumption are due to liberal economic policies. Just look in any Keynesian economic textbook; it’s all about stimulating demand.

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