Liberty. Nearly all the articles relate to liberty to some degree. However, unlike most libertarian web sites, I focus on the overlap between liberty and other political values. I do claim that liberty trumps all other values and then look back and point out the positive side-effects of liberty. Given that most people are not libertarians, this is a rather important perspective to explore — if you want to sell more liberty to a majority.

That said, several article series are of particular importance to libertarians and near-libertarians:

What is freedom? Is it simply non-initiation of force? Or is there more? This is an important mental warm-up for libertarians who have spent too much time in the echo chambers.

Really natural rights. Suppose we take it as a given that society should not take by force. Take what? What is our starting point? Self-ownership is a pretty weak starting point, actually. How about a right to breath air? Without it, that “self” become worthless rather quickly. Maybe we need a few other rights besides our fragile bodies as starting points.

Greed vs. freedom. Many libertarians are enamored with the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Alas, this is a dead end for liberty. See why and explore some alternative moral defenses of markets.

Start a political party. The Libertarian Party isn’t getting the job done. Bummer. Is it possible to start a new political party in the U.S. that can actually win elections and reduce the size of government? Quite possibly!

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