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Why I Haven’t Posted in a While

Why I Haven’t Posted in a While

I has been a while since I have written a blog post. Even my Facebook feed related to this site has been largely neglected. Here’s why:

The big hurricane this fall brought extra moisture through my leaking asbestos roof, and the leaking window frames in the room upstairs which shares a wall with my office. Notice the mold on the left.

This chunk of my office ceiling was dripping water.
A chunk of plaster removed from my office wall to get at the mold.
Underneath this plastic is my computer table for my Windows machine, where I do most of my writing. A bit inconvenient.
Kind of hard to get to my books as well, what with all the plastic.
Getting roofers is a challenge when there are hundreds of roofs blown off at the beach. And when they did get to work, it was rather noisy. Quite distracting.

Meanwhile, in the room I moved my computers into, there were dank smells. What’s this? The previous owner had heaped dirt against the foundation, covering the vent holes. Landscapers are next on the list…

Well, I am finally back in my office. The ceiling is repaired and painted. Rain stays on the outside of the house. Both of my computer tables are available, etc. (I still need to do something about the landscaping.)

In the meantime, my ISP made updates. I had to change email clients do to encryption. (I miss Pocomail!) If you sent me an email and I never returned it, try again. I lost track of some conversations while moving to Thunderbird.

Also, please let me know of any bugs on the web site proper. My ISP also updated PHP, which broke the political quiz on my other site. (Just fixed it today.)

Now that the weather is getting nice and things are settling down a bit, I might just do some writing. On what, remains to be determined. (I put a poll on the Facebook discussion group, for those who want to have some say in the matter.)

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