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A New Series on Criminal Justice

Oops! I forgot to announce it on this What’s New blog: I have started a new series on the main site on criminal justice.

Besides the first page of the series, I now have one on the economics of crime, and one on criminal psychology; i.e., I go a bit beyond economics in modeling criminal behavior.

The goal is to make people aware of how we can reduce crime while restoring lost civil liberties at the same time.

Tips on Balancing the Federal Budget

For all ye Ron Paul fans who want to abolish the Federal Reserve System and go back to a gold standard, I have sad news for you: the federal budget needs to be balanced first. And not just balanced now and then. It needs to be balances on average. That means surpluses during good yearsContinue Reading

Who I Side With

I just took the I Side With Quiz. According to the quiz, I side the most with…   John McAfee!?   This election season grows weirder and weirder.   (Don’t take this as an official endorsement. Temperament and experience counts. And I didn’t bother to weight the issues when I took the quiz.)  

Green Power vs. Terrorists

In their classic Our Dumb Century the geniuses at The Onion made up a headline from the 1960s about the Pentagon harnessing flower power to create a new super weapon. Well, I’m not quite sure about flower power, but green power definitely has potential against our current enemies. Check out Green Energy vs. Terrorism. AllContinue Reading

A Patriotic View of the Second Amendment

Many of my libertarian friends like to cite Thomas Jefferson’s intemperate remarks on gun ownership, suggesting that the original intent was to preserve the right of violent revolution. May I suggest a more patriotic view: the Second Amendment was written to prevent ever having a need for violent revolution in the first place. The SecondContinue Reading