Christianity for California and College Towns

The cause of liberty, or simply avoiding a bloody civil war, requires finding better religions for the younger generations.

As Ayn Rand correctly pointed out, a free society requires a compatible Sense of Life. It could be her philosophy of Objectivism. It could be the groovy wackiness of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson. It could include Nordic pagan revivals, the Boomer generation’s New Age Consciousness or something else entirely. Or it could be a fresh take on Christianity.

How to Fix the Toilet Paper Shortage Next Week

The U.S. is morphing into Venezuela. And no, I’m not writing about the multi trillion dollar bailout, the authoritarian quarantine measures, or our President’s jaw boning the private sector. Many of these measures are warranted in a time of emergency. There will be a price to be paid, but so be it. No, I’m writing …