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Playing with the Headway layout system here. I wanted to see if this page would inherit the customized styles of the parent page. It does! Please be patient as I master the Headway system and toy with font and color schemes which are in poor taste for a while. I’ll get better.

Also, this might be a good place to explain the header. If you go to the main site you see my four dimensional logo and colors for the various areas: red for equality, green for nature, etc. The founding idea of this site was to try to optimize multiple values instead of taking sides. The result is more libertarian than the status quo because liberty works better than generally acknowledged. But unlike libertarian sites, I don’t claim that liberty always works better than government, or even always works. I’m willing to let other values trump liberty as appropriate.

The amount I am willing to let other values trump liberty is left a bit undefined. This is a scientific site as much as it is an advocacy site. I leave it up to the reader to take positions based upon the tradeoffs. I just want to you to make an educated tradeoff and not take a stand merely because your “team” does.

And that leads to the blog’s theme: a shelf with an eclectic array of books and the slogan “Escape the echo chambers.” The new media, from talk radio to the Internet has allowed all factions their own voices. This is good in part; the mainstream media no longer has a stranglehold on the conversation. It is also bad: all too often ideologues filter their information and opinions down into echo chambers. If you don’t listen to your critics, you get stupider, and I fear that the political Right especially has grown stupider. Not that conservatism is inherently stupid, but that listening to blowhards and refusing to answer the valid critiques of the other side has softened many brains. I miss Bill Buckley; he debated the Left and sharpened his wit in the process. I wish more conservatives would read Mother Jones and more liberals would read Forbes (a conservative publication which has remained intelligent).

Anyway, the ideas on this site were inspired by many sources, ranging from science fiction, economics texts, political tracts (left, right and libertarian), physics and more.

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