Main Site Upgraded

Have a look at the main site. I’ve replaced the gradient buttons down the left sidebar with dropdown menus across the top. (For new visitors who wonder what the site used to look like, just add ?style=classic to the end of the url, like this.

An improvement?

In related news, I got a recent email asking if this site is still active. The answer is “yes, but so what?” All the content on the main site is meant to be evergreen. Yes, some of the older chapters are not as well written as I would like, but the info is still apropos.

As for new content, I have finally finished my chapters on liberty vs. Christianity (most of the “blue” article series), so I am now updating and adding elsewhere. Currently, I am in the process of rewriting the material currently found in The Balance of Wealth. Then, who knows?

Maybe you can influence me. If you hunt around on the main site, you can find some stubs — article series with just one chapter. I could expand these next. Other possibilities:

  • A liberty series on Democracy that Lasts. Given the amount of violence that follows failed democratic governments, this could be useful.
  • A synergy series on Tax Ideas. In the U.S. we have close to 20 trillion dollars of debt to pay off and the Baby Boomers are retiring. For those of us who want more liberty without a collapse of civilization, determining an optimal tax policy is rather important. (There are also environmental and family values implications, thus the placement under synergy.)
  • A synergy series on Better Retirement Plans. Social Security and Medicare dominate federal spending. To have any hope of small government, we need alternatives. This has egalitarian, environmental and family values implications as well, thus the Synergy category.

So, what would ye like to see next? And what do you think of the main site upgrade? Answer below, please.