Religious Right or Left?

With Pope Francis making lefty pronouncements on a fairly regular basis, it’s worthwhile to review what the Bible has to say on the matter. On the static site, I have a new 2000+ word article on Capitalism vs. Biblical Law. The Old Testament Law is rather more lefty than most people give it credit for, but it is not an endorsement of modern socialism. So I take both libertarian Christians and the Religious Left to task a bit.

Of course, the Law of Moses applied to the Holy Land — a particular place and set of circumstances. The ancient Hebrews had witnessed miracles firsthand, and were given a special mission to be a lesson to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, the climate in Israel is ill suited to raising pork. Shellfish are a dangerous food in a high population area which lacks modern sewage plants. So whether these ancient prohibitions apply today/outside the Holy Land is uncertain to me, though I currently follow them myself just in case.

So I am not suggesting that we apply the Law strictly today. Nor do I claim certainty as to which elements of the Law apply to modern Christians.

But the ancient lessons should at least be studied by modern Christians. Given the messes we have seen from both modern capitalism and socialism, so lessons are in order.

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