The New Party Bug Bites Again

It is an itch a must scratch, an idea I cannot put down no matter how impractical given my current life circumstances. The United States needs a viable new political party.

And so I am in the process of freshening up the New Party Manual on the main site. And I want to ask ye the readers if you are interested in my revising the complete manual and publishing it in Kindle or book form. I wouldn’t be free; I don’t have free time any more, but with paid time I could do it.

Anyway, this post is mostly a stub. I wanted to create a New Political Party category so I could link to it from the main site.

The revised Part 1 of the manual should be on the site by the end of the day.

Green Power vs. Terrorists

In their classic Our Dumb Century the geniuses at The Onion made up a headline from the 1960s about the Pentagon harnessing flower power to create a new super weapon.

Well, I’m not quite sure about flower power, but green power definitely has potential against our current enemies. Check out Green Energy vs. Terrorism.

All ye eco hippies can have a neener dance at the expense of the Neocons.