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The New Party Bug Bites Again

It is an itch a must scratch, an idea I cannot put down no matter how impractical given my current life circumstances. The United States needs a viable new political party.

And so I am in the process of freshening up the New Party Manual on the main site. And I want to ask ye the readers if you are interested in my revising the complete manual and publishing it in Kindle or book form. I wouldn’t be free; I don’t have free time any more, but with paid time I could do it.

Anyway, this post is mostly a stub. I wanted to create a New Political Party category so I could link to it from the main site.

The revised Part 1 of the manual should be on the site by the end of the day.

Green Power vs. Terrorists

In their classic Our Dumb Century the geniuses at The Onion made up a headline from the 1960s about the Pentagon harnessing flower power to create a new super weapon. Well, I’m not quite sure about flower power, but green power definitely has potential against our current enemies. Check out Green Energy vs. Terrorism. AllContinue Reading