Monthly Archives: February 2014

Making the NSA Behave

Finally, after 13 years of increased Post 9/11 surveillance, The People are starting to push back. Better yet, the big corporations like Google and Facebook are pushing back, and that makes Congress listen. The government can grope, but it’s not allowed to peek — at least not quite so much.

But how long will the trend reversal last? Answer: until the next significant terrorist attack.

It we want to roll back the U.S. police state, we need to roll back the terrorists. This is the subject of my first new series in quite some time: Winning the War on Terror. It’s just an intro page so far, but there is enough information that some of you will see where I am going.

A Double Tax on Labor

2014 is the year of the tax form — at least for me. Having quit my day job last year in order to start a web company, while doing some independent contracting on the side, my taxes have become far more complex. Just getting the information together to send to my accountant is taking days.Continue Reading