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Oops! Still quiet here on the Holistic Politics blog. But I have been busy elsewhere. My updated political quiz is now in beta release. It is significantly longer than the old quiz, and it covers issues I shied away in earlier versions: abortion and foreign intervention. Preliminary stats indicate that the new version is more fair and balanced. Don’t believe me? Take the test and let me know what you think. I’d like to get any bugs removed soon so I can record data for some serious studies.

In other news, I have started a Benefits area at Free Money for All. I was rather remiss in selling the idea and instead dug into the numbers when I last had lots of time to work on that site. But if we are going to have a basic income guarantee, I guess we need to hammer the point home that free money vs. need-based welfare is rather more important than the gay marriage issue for those who want to restore family values.

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  1. Great quiz.
    But you really need at least 9 more questions –
    1. military spending
    2. funding for the arts
    3. veterans benefits
    4. homeless benefits
    5. environment protection
    6. global warming
    7. euthanasia
    8. capital punishment
    9. tax the rich

  2. Hello E. Some provocative ideas. Military spending is a hugely important issue, but I already have two military related questions on the quiz. I figured that attitudes towards the War on Terror could be a proxy for military spending in general, given that recent wars have run up the defense bill while exhausting the military at the same time. And imperfect choice, but if I get too many questions.

    Global warming and environmental protection are at least in theory ambiguous. I can cut government while reducing carbon emissions by replacing a good chunk of the income tax with a carbon tax and eliminating various subsidies, etc. So is attitude towards global warming a big government or small government position? I could also better protect the environment by improving some property rights — especially in the high seas — and replacing some restrictions on land use with bounties for good land use. This still involves government, but it is less onerous than takings.

    Gay rights has ambiguities as well. We have lots of anti discrimination and affirmative action laws on the books. Legal recognition of gay marriage brings a lot of positive rights (government enforced priviledges) along with negative rights.

    Greater separation of church and state is persecution of the religious because the state has taken over so many areas of life today. Originally, the federal Congress was prohibited from legislating on any religious matters but the states were free to do so if their respective constitutions permitted it. Now that even the states are less homogeneous, such matters (such as when stores and government offices should close, how schools should teach morals, etc.) should be decided at the very local level if we are to have religious freedom. Either that, or we should shrink government way down. But this point is way too subtle for quiz2d.

    Capital punishment has become rare. A much better human rights issue would be Three Strikes and You’re Out and other abominations. There are people serving effective life terms of imprisonment for truly petty crimes.

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