Is it Global Warming Yet?

A year and a day ago, my yard looked like this:

Eastern Carolina Day after Xmas

(I live on the coastal plains of North Carolina, a land not noted for its white winters.)

Today, it is supposed to get up to 63 degrees.

Two points do not a trend make. However, in this case they are representative. Last year was the coldest Eastern NC winter in my memory. This was followed by a very hot summer. Didn’t have much pleasant weather until this fall, and it has continued to be pleasant through December for the most part. (This why I have been working on my house instead of blogging.)

Concidentally, sunspots have restarted right at the time it started warming up around here:

Sunspot trendline(Image courtesy of NASA.) A causal connection? Not for me to say. But I have seen it written that the last few years have been cooler because of low sunspot activity, and that we would be noticing the effects of global warming again once the spots resumed. This prediction appears to be coming true, at least in my back yard. How about yours?