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Corresponds to the “rainbow” articles. Ideas that impact many values.

My Evil Plans for 2014

The NSA has turned inwards, making the right of privacy a joke. Rogue police departments have graduated from writing spurious traffic tickets to performing civil asset forfeitures without any evidence of guilt. ObamaCare proceeds. The Republican Party continues its slide into unintelligence. And I have done next to nothing about it. Oh, I did aContinue Reading

2013: Time for a Makeover

Twelve years ago I started a book — An Eco Manifesto — which was going to reveal the many overlaps between green and libertarian values, between ecology and free market economics. I got nearly 50,000 words written before I admitted to myself that I didn’t have the time to get these ideas polished enough toContinue Reading

Latest Updates

Oops! Still quiet here on the Holistic Politics blog. But I have been busy elsewhere. My updated political quiz is now in beta release. It is significantly longer than the old quiz, and it covers issues I shied away in earlier versions: abortion and foreign intervention. Preliminary stats indicate that the new version is moreContinue Reading

Politics in Four Dimensions

For quite some time on the main site I had a logo which was labeled “liberty, equality, nature.” Meanwhile, the “books” were either red for equality, green for nature, or blue for morality. I had a mismatch. Morality belonged in the logo, and maybe I needed to add some pure liberty books — though myContinue Reading

Disqus Comments Added

I had started to create a page to shadow each chapter in the static portion of the site. This turned out to be a lot of work! Plus, it cluttered up the menu at the top of the blog. So I have given in and added Disqus code to the bottom of each chapter. YouContinue Reading